How to Define Your Soul’s Purpose?

Your purpose as a soul is to choose to learn, grow, and become one with all. The reason for being here on earth becomes clear when you unfold your intuitive guidance and regroup or learn from your lessons in life.

Life has a much greater meaning when you use what you learn and grow in your state of consciousness. Your spiritual evolution is what really matters in the big picture. Your state of consciousness is what you take with you when you leave the planet and return to the universe, Source, God, the All…

Learning starts with discovering more about your true self or soul nature.

You may not be what you think you are, but what you sense and understand from your feelings. The more you know yourself as a soul, the more you will see yourself in others. You will feel a deeper connection with people, the world you live in and the universe.

On this podcast we are joined by Yogic Nun and sacred Jewellery Designer, Sadhvi Shivjyoti. She is one of few Australian women to be ordained in the Dasnami order of Sanyas and while very much part of the world, her inner resolve will always be, as Shivjyoti says “crystal clear.”

How to Define Your Soul’s Purpose Soul Searching Questions to Ask Yourself Sadhvi Shivjyoti

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Your soul’s purpose is why you are here on this earth at this time and this may present in many different pathways in this life. Answering her first soul calling, Shivjyoti travelled to India where for 17 years she studied with her spiritual master and served him. Shivjyoti received daily guidance and several levels of initiation to the highest award in Yogic tradition.

She explains that what you are looking for or seeking is probably connected to your soul’s purpose. It is an aspect of your life that drives you and moves you forward.

How to Define Your Soul’s Purpose?

When you know your soul’s purpose, you are content with your life. When your life theme is right for you, you feel a sense of flow, as if you are headed in the correct direction. Everything feels at ease and right. In his book Flow (2008), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says that when you tap into your soul’s purpose, you feel a sense of harmony.

Rather than following the path suggested by someone else, those “in the flow” appear to be living their chosen, authentic dreams. When your theme is connected to your purpose, you will feel motivated and intrinsically happy.

Some people know their soul’s purpose early in life, while others discover it much later on. Sometimes a soul’s purpose emerges in response to a childhood experience, which could have been joyful or some level of trauma.

Shivjyoti shares parts of her journey to explain how each and every one of us will be in situations that don’t nurture or feed our soul’s purpose. She explains this is a catalyst to let go of what no longer serves you, whether they are thoughts, activities, or behaviours. For example, if you are feeling uncomfortable with someone that is continually toxic and draining, consider letting that person go. Your soul is giving you a message. Maybe this individual is taking all the joy out of your life.

10+ Soul Searching Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are at a crossroads in your life, Shivjyoti suggests perhaps it’s time to ask yourself some sacred or awakening questions that inspire transformation. Here are a few you might ask yourself, as they might be clues to your soul’s purpose:

  • What am I good at?
  • What part of my day is joyful?
  • What brought me joy as a child?
  • What in my life no longer serves me – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?
  • Are there any synchronistic events that could be a vital clue to my soul’s purpose?
  • Have I had any accidents that served as wake-up calls for me?
  • Who are my true role models and icons?
  • What do I often teach others?
  • What are my dreams and desires?
  • How do I help others transform?
  • If I had one year to live, what would I do?

She explains your deepest heart knows what your soul’s purpose is and it is embedded in the place of joy within you. Its expression creates a sense of fulfillment and meaning for you. Ultimately it is the reason for your being on the earth at this time.

We both confirm no matter what your outer life may look like, all purposes of the soul are deeply spiritual in nature. The aim is to deepen your awareness of values, and most importantly, bring you into greater wholeness within yourself.

How to Define Your Souls Purpose You Had It In You All Along Podcast

What on Earth Am I Here For?

Everything is energy and your soul’s purpose is also invariably connected with the soul purposes of others. For no one lives on this earth alone and all are connected within the planetary body that is one. Therefore, what you have chosen to do, or learn, or be within your embodied expression, affects others and is affected by others. This interactive field of relatedness does not necessarily happen at a conscious level but exists on an energetic level, in terms of the time and place you have chosen to take birth.

Many yearn to know their soul’s purpose today because the orientation toward a life of meaning, and one in which a contribution can be made to the well-being of others or leaving a legacy, has gained supporters. This has happened as the hearts of all have expanded and the expression ‘soul’s purpose’ is no longer foreign to mainstream consciousness. The hunger for meaning has increased along with the expansion of the heart-mind connection and the proximity of the soul to embodied self-awareness. Therefore, it is more important to answer the question: “Why am I here?”

On the flip side, those who feel unclear of their soul’s purpose often feel lost. It is essential to learn that inner guidance is possible and needed in order to orient the inner being toward the deeper motivation that will create the outer direction to follow. Seeking such inner guidance is a spiritual practice of great importance, and trusting this process is essential. Frequently, those who do not feel clear about their purpose do not feel they can access inner guidance with a sense of security.

In this conversation (over two episodes), we deep dive into the nature of our soul’s purpose and its many gifts. You will come to understand that what is acquired through faithfulness to one’s inner being and purpose is a sense of rightness and of integrity. You will be inspired to live the most fulfilling life that is possible, the life that gives one’s inner self the greatest freedom to be.

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