Do you need a break or a chance to rediscover yourself?

Your ideal Wellness and Yoga Retreat awaits…
There is nothing more fulfilling than a getaway with friends, your corporate team, family or other likeminded people.

Whether it be a weekend or one week, a wellness and yoga retreat will see you return to your everyday life restored and invigorated.

Niso will customise your retreat itinerary for groups of six or more around the theme you are intending to experience. Perhaps you crave the solitude of the mountains and trekking or connect more to the soul soothing seaside lifestyle, or simply want to feel safe and nourished nestled in a farm stay dining on locally grown vegan delights.

Whatever you love the most, we can create the perfect wellness and yoga retreat for you.

What if you could enjoy the experience and benefits of a wellness and yoga holiday without ever having to step outside your house?

Niso also offers online wellness and yoga retreats to allow you experience the same healing and inspiration from your home as we navigate our way through this new world.

You might not be able to head to an exotic location or sip baby coconut water on the beach between classes (unless you actually do live by the seaside), but you can unwind, connect with others, and deepen your practice from your living room.

Here are some benefits of having an online retreat:

• Guarantee you receive expert teaching and personalised attention from an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, over the course of several consecutive days.
• Help you expand and deepen your yoga practice, and your understanding of yogic philosophy, anatomy, mindfulness, chakras or other principles.
• Be a brilliant introduction to the elements of yoga and mindfulness.
• Provide the perfect coaching space to conquer those challenging postures you have always wanted to add to your practice.
• Make you see and feel your home, or even your whole life, in a new way.
• Inspire you to focus on your well-being and initiate new self care rituals.
• Introduce you to new people worldwide who are on the same wavelength and with whom you can remain in touch online.
• Ignite your soul to wake up in the morning, knowing you have a purpose, and a day of yoga and meditation ahead of you.

Sounds wonderful? Share your ideas with us and let’s customise your own retreat! 

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