Would you like to experience the Power of Understanding and Realisation?

A great deal of what you learn in life and hold in your mind is abstract information, that doesn’t necessarily hold any emotional relevance to your personal development.

Our wellness workshops connect to a much deeper place in your mind which concerns your quality of life, right here right now. When you are presented with information which supports your human experience in this way, it generates moments of understanding on a deeper level of your perception.

It essentially ties together your subconscious mind’s awareness that it needs support, with your conscious mind which now understands why. This creates the space for the ‘A ha!’ moments of realisation of how you can move forward in your life and identify root causes of imbalance.

Herein lies the potency of our workshops!

What is a Corporate On-site Workshop?

These are classes facilitated in your workplace. Our Yoga, Pilates, Yogilates, Meditation and Mindfulness classes address both the broader well-being issues that are common within the modern-day workplace as well as being tailored to the individual needs of your business.

What is a Corporate Online Workshop?

Due to the current well-being circumstances influencing a large percentage of employees working from home, Niso is now offering online classes for all our regular modalities – Yoga, Pilates, Yogilates, Meditation and Mindfulness as well as a range of wellness workshops. This is a great way to keep active and relaxed when your regular exercise regimes might be compromised.

The basic principles of what we offer remain the same – our classes still address the broader wellness issues of a modern corporate lifestyle and the pressures involved, but are now combined with the unique circumstances of working from home and of course the challenges generated from the situation we all find ourselves in.

During these uncertain times you need practices which calm you mentally, emotionally and physically. Over time, these practices will bring you back to your centre, cultivate a sense of inner peace and security that can transcend the circumstances around you.

Here are some benefits of hosting a Corporate Workshop:

• Alleviate stress, tension, anxiety and overwhelm.
• Correct the effects of poor posture and improve core strength.
• Provide a sense of inner well-being as well as disperse emotional frustrations and workplace tensions.
• Address the lack of body awareness that happens when spending extended periods of time in front of a screen.
• Aid the digestion system, as this is compromised through stress, poor posture and the eating habits often adopted at work.

On a productivity level, all our workplace workshops promote the creativity and learning capacity of employees by stimulating greater perception and imagination, which of course also helps with your business efficiency and profitability.

How do corporate on-site and online workshops work?

We arrange classes in your workplace on-site or online to suit your schedule and ensure this is delivered by a qualified, experienced and insured teacher to match the needs of your group.

On-site or online classes can be wholly or partially sponsored by the company or solely funded by participants. Either way, for participants it’s generally less expensive than other class options and much more convenient.

You need six or more participants who can commit to a minimum five-week program. The cost varies according to class size but works out at great value per person for classes of 45 – 60 minutes in length.

A library of exclusive online courses are available for you to maintain your practice and keep some calm and ease in your day.

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Looking to build a Bespoke Workshop for your team?

Niso also provides break out or themed sessions at your team building event, conference, retreat or special function.

The options above are indicative, but we create many unique workshops.
We can combine theory with practical options such as life coaching and mind-body connection.

We also offer performance related workshops such as:
• Growth Mindset Coaching
• Intuitive Thinking
• Mindfulness Life Coaching
• Switching Off

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