Imagine creating a bespoke lesson for yourself, your friends or your colleagues…

Niso provides Yoga, Pilates, Yogilates, Meditation and Mindfulness classes in the home, corporate office or chosen space as well as online.

With over 10 years experience teaching small groups, corporate wellness, conference and special event classes, you will be expertly guided through your practice in the comfort of your own surrounds and at the time of your choosing.

Whether you need to de-stress, stretch deeply, build strength, improve mobility or enhance clarity, we research and plan our class prior to the lesson so your needs are met. We know that every request is unique and that each student’s mind, heart, body and soul requires individual care. We are here to support that journey.

Establishing a Yoga, Pilates, Yogilates, Meditation and Mindfulness practice can seem daunting. We often hear “I’m not flexible” or “My mind is always racing” and this is normal for most people. This is also the very reason why you start a regular practice of Yoga, Pilates, Yogilates, Meditation or Mindfulness. Our students want to learn the basics, are limited for time and desire extra attention, support and guidance than what is offered in a gym, studio group setting or prerecorded video.

Niso creates a safe studio in your own space and assures you learn quickly from a science proven and educated base. We ensure the class delivery is calm by supplying the equipment (excluding mats) in a face-to-face setting and offering you alternatives that you will have within your home or workplace if you prefer an online lesson.

We want you to ultimately feel at ease, nurtured and nourished with the people you choose to share this time with.

Keen to create your own class? We are ready for you!

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Bespoke Yoga and Pilates Classes Sunshine Coast