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For those who want to focus on one area at a time.

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Move Your Body

We designed the “Move Your Body” course to teach the beginner student or seasoned yogi the science of Yoga, Pilates Method and Yogilates.

The aim of these classes is to:
• Introduce you to the deep release of delicate fascia.
• Correct your spinal, hip and knee alignment as well as improve strength via specific Hatha Yoga postures.
• Embody the healing sequences of Yogilates to alleviate neck and shoulder stiffness and reduce pain.
• Increase your awareness of breathing and neutral spine (posture) using the Pilates Method.
• Improve your core stability to enhance your quality of life on and off the mat.

We want to support you on your quest from zero to zen and help keep your mind and body active at home.

The “Move Your Body” course consists of six short videos:
• Hatha Yoga for Lower Back and Hips
• Hatha Yoga for Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves
• Yogilates for Neck and Shoulders
• Mat Pilates for Core Strength
• Mat Pilates for Abdominals, Glutes and Thighs
• Mat Pilates for Back, Chest and Arms

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Clear Your Mind

Every person is unique so their mindfulness journey will be too. Niso’s “Clear Your Mind” course defines the elements of Mindfulness and how you can implement this practice into your individual lifestyle. We focus on how Mindfulness feels, rather than how it should look. If it doesn’t feel good, you won’t continue to do it – so it has to feel right for you and your way of life. The goal is long term sustainability, rather than short term massive (and unsustainable) change.

You will be introduced to Meditation as well as Hatha Yoga, Breathwork and Mindset which are easy tools for nourishing the nervous system and reducing cellular stress. We also created four guided meditations designed for beginners with the aim to ground and nurture you in any part of your day and any phase of your life.

The “Clear Your Mind” course consists of 11 short videos:
• Mindfulness Elementals
• Meditation for Calm, Clarity and Poise

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Open Your Heart

In the “Open Your Heart” course we teach you how to gather the things you love, let your imagination take flight, and encourage you to let go of what no longer serves the person you are becoming. Your “Better Me” journal is a place that offers solace and inspiration, possibility and retreat. A sacred place to harness your intention through writing so you can be your best self out in the world.

The “Chakra Elementals” course explains the relationship between the Chakras and the energy system. We show you how to work with the basic seven chakras for healing and wellness.

The “Balancing Your Chakras” course deepens your awareness of your energetic body and introduces you to symptoms of a Chakra blockage and how to clear it.
The aim is to equip you with a toolkit comprising of seven guided full-body chakra meditations, working with crystals and visualisation to heal and balance the chakras.

The “Open Your Heart” course consists of 21 short videos:
• “Better Me” Journaling Elementals
• Chakras Elementals
• Balancing Your Chakras

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Beginner Yoga Classes Yoga Training Sydney Niso Fitness and Nutrition Sofija Vracar

Nourish Your Soul

Metabolic Precision Authentic Nutrition balances the importance of wholesome food ingredients with convenience as well as listening to your internal guidance system.

The “Nourish Your Soul” course will introduce you to the elements of ‘real food’ and healthy living. We focus on eating colourful foods, avoiding foods that are packaged and finding balance in daily living.

The goal is to help you increase the variety of foods you eat so you have more energy and your overall well-being is improved. Together, we will build an individualised plan to suit your unique needs, using simple strategies and familiar foods to improve your health.

We then progress you to the “Intuitive Eating” course, this is a mindset where you take the path of a non-diet approach to health and wellness. We help you tune into your body signals, break the cycle of chronic dieting and heal your relationship with food. From a nutritionist’s perspective, the aim of Intuitive Eating is to create a framework that helps you keep nutrition interventions that are behaviour-focused instead of restrictive or rule-focused.

The “Nourish Your Soul” course consists of 12 short videos:
• Metabolic Precision Authentic Nutrition Elementals
• Intuitive Eating

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Thrive in Life Package

Move Your Body Course
Clear Your Mind Course
Open Your Heart Course
Nourish Your Soul Course

This “Thrive in Life” package consists of a total of 50 short videos.

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