As a student and teacher of Hatha Yoga, I am committed to being the mirror of the light beyond your shadow. To encourage you to embrace your vulnerability and master the art of healing the inner dimensions of your being– mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What is Niso?

Niso personifies one of my favourite quotes from Seneca – “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

The word Niso is the first two letters of my baby brother’s name (Nick) who has passed and my name (Sofija), symbolising our eternal beloved connection.

We all face heartbreak and loss throughout our lives. My experience inspired me to use my gifts of grief to:

• shift consciousness by starting my deep inner work;
• take 100% responsibility for my life;
• change the way I do business;
• have brave conversations; and
• reach for fulfillment in a way I would never have done before.

Grief is one of life’s greatest teachers. I learnt that meaning comes from acknowledging, accepting and going through the pain. There are no short cuts to enlightenment. The meaning is not in the death. The meaning is in what I do after this devastating experience. The meaning lies within me.

I choose every day to honour and respect the people in my life who have passed by living better. I am living proof that the healing is in the meaning. This is what I can create as a spiritual being living my human experience.

I created Niso Fitness and Nutrition seven years ago, a boutique mind and well-being studio in South Sydney. I initially began face-to-face sessions and group classes, and it has evolved to what it is today: a thriving practice driven by international demand from my previous clients who have relocated enhanced by word of mouth through their communities. Niso offers an extensive selection of multidimensional healing modalities delivered globally in-person and online.

Holistic Yoga and Mat Pilates Instructor Near Curra

Why the MerKaBa?

My mantra reflects all that is the MerKaBa…

“Inhale, I am filled with Light.Exhale,I shine with Light.”

Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, translates literally to light (Mer), spirit (Ka), body (Ba).

Merkaba is the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms.

The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of two intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating a three-dimensional energy field.

The Merkaba Energy Field:

• combines opposing energies in perfect balance – masculine and feminine, as well as the earth and cosmos;
• creates an activation of light and protection around your body that can transport your consciousness to higher dimensions; and
• reminds us of the potential power we yield when we find balance and raise our vibration in pursuit of connection and growth.

Hello, I’m Sofija and I call myself the Holistic Transformation Coach.

I have successfully helped many people from all walks of life transform their mind, heart, body and soul. Whatever your challenge – personal, business, or something else, I understand and I know how to help you.

Like many of you, I have acquired knowledge, devoted myself to numerous practices and put my trust in gurus, yet this still had me entrenched in negative patterns. But over the last ten years I started working smarter on myself and hired a coach and healer who understood what I needed. In doing so, I have achieved the following:

• Calm – in mind, heart, body and soul;
• Confidence – in myself, my core values and my future;
• Clarity – in my direction, my goals and being in the flow state; and
• Real results – sustainable changes that enhance all categories of my life.

I am grateful I made the choice to get help before dis-ease and failure became part of my DNA. Now, in turn, I enjoy helping people like you get what they truly need. My clients will tell you that I am intuitive, empathetic and authentic.

My healing modalities are simple, and it all starts with getting to know you first.

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I am a fully qualified and registered…

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Coaches Member, as well as Metabolic Precision Authentic Nutritionist/Transformation Specialist and Rehab Master Trainer, and a Registered Exercise Professional, Level 3, with AUSactive. I also have international qualifications as a Yoga Teacher, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Business and Personal Coach, Meditation Teacher and Akashic Records Healer.

I have worked in the health and wellness industry for nearly 20 years.

My passions are writing and podcasting. Connect with me via my blog and podcast ‘You Had It In You All Along’ to inspire and uplift you on your awakening journey.

My unique wellness model draws upon the discipline of Hatha Yoga, Pilates Method, Neurocoaching, Human Design System, traditional philosophical teachings (Hermeticism), contemporary spirituality (Eckhart Tolle), combined with the latest science on quantum healing.

Life is a classroom where I am both the student and teacher. I am committed to further developing these skills and gaining the knowledge required to continue to create holistic health and wellness programs for you, both as an individual and in any workplace environment.

My Life Philosophy

The quality of my experience depends on my response rather than what happens out there. Taking ‘response-ability’ for decoding and enhancing my experience is the path of my authentic self to my true – divine – power.

Below, you will find my My Journey and My Story. These are the kinds of things we have the potential to achieve when we focus on achieving calm, confidence, clarity and real results.

My Journey


Registered as a Yoga Teacher and Sole Trader and commenced working in the health and wellness industry.

2001 Niso Journey


National Retreats Facilitator for wellness programs focusing on Hatha Yoga, Mindset, Meditation, Human Design System, Soul Healing and Authentic Nutrition.

2016 Retreat


Director/Owner of Be Fit Hub Mind-Body Transformation Studio in Menai.

2012 Well Established Transformation and Mind Body Studio in Menai Niso Journey2012 Transformation and Mind Body Studio


Created Yogilates Synergy System. Founded Niso Fitness and Nutrition.

Yogilates Niso


Launched workplace well-being initiatives at Pinnacle Health Group, Westpac Group, Telstra and Resimac by facilitating team workshops and weekly on-site and online classes.

2015 Corporate Classes2015 Corporate


Began hosting global online sessions with international clients to provide advice on Rehab Training, Pilates Method, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Life Coaching and Authentic Nutrition.

2015 Global Online Sessions Niso Journey2017 Online Sessions


Annually teaching Mindfulness, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga at Psychology Retreats in Bali.

Wellness Workshops Curra Community Hall Relaxing Yin YogaWellness Workshops Curra Community Hall Relaxing Yin Yoga


Launched the “You Had It In You All Along” Podcast.

You Had It In You All Along Podcast Sofija Vracar

Summer 2021

The next chapter… relocated her home and business to the warmer climate of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland to start new health-related clinical and studio work, improve work-life balance, and enhance overall well-being.

Spring 2023

Grounded in tranquil Curra, Queensland… experiencing the holistic lifestyle as an acreage homeowner living off-grid. Building authentic connections and bringing Yoga, Pilates and other wellness modalities to the rural community, alongside implementing a workplace health and well-being program for Sierra Chart Trading and Charting.

Holistic Lifestyle Queensland

My Story

My healing story began 28 years ago when I started practising Hatha Yoga to soothe my anxiety as well as complement my many years of competitive running and dance training. I remember my very first Hatha Yoga class very vividly and felt the benefits of stretching and strengthening my body instantly. It was quietening my busy mind that was the real challenge.

Being present and stilling the mind was extremely hard, confronting, and a little sad.

This is where the ancient teachings of Hatha Yoga crossed my path. I began the journey of self-actualisation to ground my energy, be present to my emotional body, calm my mind, and learn to live with the intention of inner peace within my soul.

Since then Hatha Yoga has become my refuge and regardless of how random and crazy life is – the demands, expectations, triumphs, disappointments, intense loss, and grief are all left behind when I create space to practice.

On the mat, I am given the indulgent gift of time and I am invited to give my undivided attention to my precious self.

I deepen my awareness and innately know the practice on the mat is symbolic of the patterns I indulge in the matrix of life.

So, with deliberate intention, courage, and kindness, Hatha Yoga shows me, again and again, how to stay connected to all dimensions of my being, and how to gracefully navigate my way through day-to-day interactions and cultivate the most significant relationship of all – the one I have with the Divine within me.

This is my daily invitation to be curious about ‘now’, right now!

Hatha Yoga invites me to be present and attend to everything that is occurring at this moment. I start with the most tangible, the physical body, as I move through the asanas (postures). Then I delve into the more subtle layers of myself, my internal dialogue, feelings, and my reality.

When I focus on this moment, I appreciate how much is going on and I realise the abundance of choices every moment offers me.

Every moment is essentially a choice point. Recognising and cultivating this is mindfulness. Hatha Yoga then becomes a time to “sharpen the saw” to make mindfulness a habit, so that I can expand this curious attention to my everyday life. This allows me to begin to witness and observe my thoughts, decisions, behaviours, and relationships.

I become empowered with presence, enabling me to respond mindfully, rather than react or avoid life. This is where the magic of mindfulness led me to a deeper stillness within, and for me, this has manifested as a daily meditation practice.

Every day in meditation I ground my energy, transcend time and form, remember (Divine’s) love, receive love, be love.

I allow an ocean of calm to heal me as I commune with my soul and trust the intuitive guidance that comes through.

I make choices that are for my highest and best good, and from this place encourage others to trust their intuitive wisdom, stay true to their soul’s purpose and to practice gratitude for the life they have been given.

It was a natural transition for me to listen to my inner GPS and study to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher over 20 years ago. Rather than questioning how I would make a living and survive in this profession, I accepted this was the costume the Divine had chosen for me to do the inner and outer work. I look forward to sharing the gift of Hatha Yoga and all the other healing tools I have acquired along the journey with you.

As a student and teacher of Hatha Yoga, I am committed to being the mirror of the light beyond your shadow. To encourage you to embrace your vulnerability and master the art of healing the inner dimensions of your being – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Life is not happening to you, rather life is responding to you, to your vibrational frequency.

We each have the potential to heal completely when we accept responsibility for our lives, go inward, and learn to love all aspects of our being unconditionally.

Healing is the power within you to transcend and transform into love.


Registered with:

ICF Associate Certified Coach Badge
ICF International Coaching Federation Badge
Nature Care College Badge Logo

I am grateful that you have read my story – now I am keen to know yours.

Drop me an email and share what is going on with you or schedule a call and tell me in person. I look forward to our real conversation in truth.

Sat Nam

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