Are you looking for a dedicated coach to accelerate your learning?

Within any category of health and well-being there are many great instructions, videos and information on the internet, but you often need the support of a coach to help personally guide and inspire you in the practice.

It is very easy to get stuck when undertaking personal development, embodying mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, pilates, resistance exercise and rehab training, take the wrong turn or simply not fully understand what you are meant to be doing or not doing. Without the support of a coach it’s all too easy to waste years not getting results and then give up.

Imagine achieving your goals more effectively with the support of your very own personal coach…

Niso can help support you and keep you on the right path. Having an experienced Holistic Transformation Coach to talk to is a valuable resource to get the most out of any of your practices.

We understand that one session may be enough to establish or re-establish you in a new daily practice. You may want regular sessions to integrate these new habits and insights within the areas of your life that need to shift for you to embody transformation.

Niso offers in-person and online private sessions for all mind, heart, body and soul modalities:
• Personal and Transformational Coaching
• Breathing and Mindfulness
• Meditation
• Hatha Yoga
• Yin Yoga
• Clinical Pilates (Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Reformer and Mat)
• Personal/Rehab Training
• Authentic Nutrition
• Chakra Balancing
• Akashic Record Reading
• Human Design System Reading

These sessions are either 45 or 75 minutes and delivered in-person at Curra Community Hall or online in the convenience of your home or workplace.

Bookings are flexible to suit your individual learning outcome, schedule and budget, you can choose from the following options:
• ‘Foundation’ Single Session
• ‘Mastery’ Prepaid 10 Sessions

Niso understands that each person is unique in their mindset, emotional patterns, physiology and connection to life force.

Ready to get unstuck or take your life to the next level with one-on-one coaching?

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