The Path to Unconditional Self-love

What is Self-love Acceptance The Path to Unconditional Self-love

Unconditional self-love for yourself is our biggest mastery this lifetime, and it happens when you choose to love even the darkest parts of yourself. This road of transformation, personal growth and self-discovery is aligned in the intention to “weed your garden” of all the people, places and patterns that contract you. When you begin to do that, you will experience painful moments on this road as this is an essential part of your ascension. However, you will also progress to mindful living where you only allow what vibrationally matches your truth, values, and intuition to be in your energy field. Ultimately this is the space you want to embody.

There is a difference between being kind and being wise. Life is too short to have your energy drained by certain people and environments. Rather look at where you can place your energy to stay more connected to being alive, where your purpose can flourish, and your well-being is supported.

Do You Ever Wonder Where You Would Be or Who You Would Become If You Shifted into the Reality of Unconditional Self-love?

Your inner voice is your higher intelligence communicating with you and will show you the path you need to be on to experience a heart-centered life and optimum wellness. When you know this and tune into this frequency of love, you will turn the volume down on your reptilian brain that is wired for keeping you safe, evoking fear, and creating the fight, flight or freeze response. For unconditional self-love to emerge you need to be calm, have clarity in your mind and heart, and be confident in the decisions and choices you make for you and the life that will nourish your mind, heart, body and soul.

I will share with you a recent chapter in my life where I embodied unconditional self-love and experienced transformation and happiness…

My biggest obstacle to unconditional self-love was not really knowing what it is. Once I understood what it was, I was able to realign myself with the essence of unconditional self-love by catching myself when I was feeling lost, overwhelmed, and inauthentic as I had strayed away from its path.

My heart had all the answers and all I needed to do was listen and trust the process to relocate my life to a more holistic environment. Most people relocate to new places because the place where they are staying has lost its magic and they are no longer quite satisfied. I know this personally as my heart was seeking a fresh start, well-being, adventure, and community for the past 10 years, and recently the universe created the portal to relocate me to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Through the journey of finding my path to unconditional self-love, I’ve learnt a few things along the way, and I’d love to share some tips with you.

20 Essential Tips I Learnt on My Path to Unconditional Self-love:

  1. Let go of your past as it no longer controls you.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and refrain from engaging in negativity.
  3. Stop seeking validation from others as this will only cost you your own happiness.
  4. Do what you love, your passion is what fuels your life force.
  5. Shift to a growth mindset and focus on the best aspects of yourself and you will appreciate yourself better.
  6. Meditate and pray daily to release self-sabotaging thoughts, put an end to dwelling on the past and obsessing about the future, and to ground in the present moment.
  7. Stop controlling things, be in the flow state and you will achieve inner peace and happiness.
  8. Accept change as this is the only consistent thing in the world.
  9. Learn to smile and laugh more, life is too difficult to be taken seriously.
  10. Praise yourself daily to stay connected to the present and build your self-confidence.
  11. Always choose kindness over anything as how you treat others is how you treat yourself unintentionally.
  12. Commit to a social media detox. This will help you to step away from comparison, deepen your connection to the world around you, and harness inner peace.
  13. Step out of your comfort zone, let go of fear and anxiety that may be holding you back, as life is meant to be lived completely.
  14. Forgive yourself and others, delete from your energy field any regrets, guilt and shame, and embody a grateful heart.
  15. Don’t take everything personally particularly if you are an empath.
  16. Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn, grow and “do better next time” (as I say to myself and my coaching clients).
  17. Say this affirmation “look for the good” and hold these things close to your heart as a reminder to stay in the frequencies of gratitude and hope.
  18. Compliment others as this always feels uplifting and brightens their day. Be in the moment with them by remembering how great it feels when someone randomly gives you a compliment.
  19. Work on your goals by taking a step every day in the direction you want to head. You will love and trust yourself more when you are achieving something bigger than yourself.
  20. Take care of your mental health to avoid burnout from work or giving way to others’ needs.
What is Self-love The Path to Unconditional Self-love Acceptance
© 2021, Sofija Vracar, Alexandra Headland

By practicing these tips for six months and mastering unconditional self-love in the process, I now have a new home in Alexandra Headland. Living in this warmer climate is a natural remedy for my lifelong challenge with severe chilblains and has an endless supply of fabulous organic foods to fuel my soul. The move has meant I am out of my comfort zone, and that taught me to tap into the secret reservoir of courage and self-confidence. All of this also meant accepting a new health-related job in Buderim, transitioning my coaching business to entirely online, as well as making new friends. Since arriving in early December 2021 my emotions have shifted from relief, to contentment, to simply happy. Honestly, my heart is full! ⁠

I hope these tips from my journey ignite you to take a leap for your well-being, love yourself unconditionally, and authentically live your best life. Learning unconditional self-love requires patience and practice. It’s a gradual process over many years and will allow you to live a much happier and contented life. A new and different reality is possible for you too! ⁠

In closing, unconditional self-love is being awake to the precious gift of life, living in harmony to invite peace (i.e., our highest happiness), and committing to being a true friend and supporting ourselves along life’s entire journey.

Be Love xx

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