Why Is It Important to Lead Yourself First?

To fully understand ‘Personal Spiritual Leadership’, it is highly recommended that you explore what the concept of ‘leading yourself’ actually entails. Leading yourself with authenticity is when you have mastered holding yourself accountable to a personal set of values, beliefs and goals. You naturally are poised and choose to act with integrity within all categories of your life.

On this podcast we were joined by Tiana Madera, a born seeker, inspiring Digital Marketer and Leadership Mentor. Through our conversation we both agree that ‘leading yourself’ is a three-step process where you experience:

  1. Clarity – A deep knowledge about who you really are, your values and beliefs and what you actually want to achieve within your goals and objectives. In other words, you are actualising self-awareness.
  2. Integrity – Taking action in a manner that is consistent with those beliefs and values rather than just thinking or talking about it. You are an embodiment of curiosity, released from self-judgement or attachment.
  3. Courage – This is a prerequisite of integrity and a willingness to sacrifice your own personal well-being in order to act in a way that is true to your beliefs and values.

Leading Yourself First Personal Spiritual Leadership Tiana Madera Torch Podcast

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In order to eventually achieve subsequent leadership milestones, you need to first be willing and able to lead yourself, then uplevel to learning to lead others and learning to lead an organisation or community.

Why Does Personal Spiritual Leadership Matter?

Through the events that shaped her physical, emotional and energetic journey, Tiana describes that having a vision, being an image of your future self, is what fuels your inspiration and aspirations. By embodying personal spiritual leadership, it helps you stay focused towards your life’s purpose, your mission in life, and the values and moral principles you live by.

How does one start embodying personal leadership, you may ask? Firstly, you will need to craft a personal vision and mission statement. In the podcast we both elaborate on how life’s turbulence and overwork can make you feel that you are going through the motions and making very little difference to those whose lives you touch. We expand on the illusion many have experienced on their journey as ‘human having and doing’ rather than the ‘human being’ that reflects your true essence.

Once you accept this truth, this will allow you to truly stand in your power as a leader. A ‘being-centered’ leader is authentic and aligned with their life purpose. When you lead from that level of inner depth (your essence), you tap into an infinite source of energy that is transformative for you and those you interact with. The most powerful experience of courage and confidence is that feeling you are able to shape your life from your inner strength.

Tiana further explains that nothing can empower you more to lead others than from witnessing within that self-mastery and self-realisation. In the ‘collective consciousness’ this creates a sacred space where teams can interact, solve problems, create and innovate.

Why is it Important to Lead Yourself First Personal Spiritual Leadership Tiana Madera Torch Podcast

Why is Personal Spiritual Leadership So Important?

When you embody personal spiritual leadership in your life, it entails:

  • Exercise of strong personal leadership.
  • Hope and faith in a transcendent vision.
  • Personal values based on altruistic love.

The core of personal spiritual leadership emerges from an inner life practice based in the spiritual journey and the quest for Source (God) or higher power which connects you to your truth, allows you to draw strength, as well as experiences clarity in your devotion to.

Let’s say in the workplace setting, by being committed to a vision of service to key stakeholders, ‘one’ has an experience of calling in that ‘one’ is making a difference in other peoples’ lives and therefore, life has meaning.

Living the values of altruistic love through the care, concern, and appreciation of both one’s self and others, you experience membership and the sense that you are absolutely understood and appreciated. Tiana and I both agree that the combined experiences of calling and membership are the essence of spiritual well-being. This then becomes the safe container to harness the source of the individual outcomes of personal spiritual leadership allowing the unfolding of personal commitment and productivity, positive human health, psychological well- being, and life satisfaction.

Want More from Tiana Madera?

Not only does Tiana have an endless passion for storytelling, finding opportunities, mentoring and building out a successful strategy personally and professionally, she is also the host of one of my favourite leadership podcasts – the Torch Podcast. Tiana is intrigued and inspired by culture and the power of communities and each episode is engaging, inspiring and uplifting. Be sure to check her out!

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