Make Better Decisions By Knowing Your “strong Yes” and “strong No”

Make Better Decisions By Knowing Your strong Yes and strong No

Everything is interconnected, and your mind, heart, body, and soul connection reflects your truth.

As an ICF Associate Certified Coach, it’s important to me to create a safe space for my clients to experience the process that moves them from their present reality to their desired future with accountability and action. Coaching is about empowering the individual, groups, and teams to reach their goals. Many unique tools, skills, and frameworks are used to inspire and motivate people to draw on the resources and competencies they have within themselves.

One of my most empowering intuitive tools is called the “strong Yes or strong No”. This tool is a game changer and accurate when deciding or ascertaining crystal clear clarity on any scenario in your personal and professional life.

The truth is, any question you ask yourself will fall into one of these three possible answers:

  • “strong Yes”
  • “maybe”
  • “strong No”

What Does a “strong Yes” Feel Like?

The best way to connect you to the “strong Yes” feeling is to reflect on your life and recall an “Aha!” moment or a “feels right” sentiment that moved you to action and created a breakthrough for you. You may refer to this as a hunch, your intuition, or instinct, and what they all have in common is that you don’t know why you feel the way you do, yet the feeling can be so compelling it moves you to act.

Did You Know That “strong No” and “maybe” Are the Same?

Naturally, some decisions will take longer than others, particularly if you are confusing “maybe” with a “strong No”. How you really feel about a situation is the best way to work out what your true intentions are.

Aim to not let habitual indecisiveness, conditioning, and your inner critic limit you. If you tend to put off making decisions, have a habit of saying “yes” to things you really don’t want to do, or an inability to authentically commit, do reflect on whether your initial reaction is a “strong Yes”, “maybe”, or a “strong No”. This feedback will steer you in the right direction of what is your real intention.

You can convince yourself that your “maybe” hunch is like an “Aha!” moment or “feels right” sentiment. The reality is “maybe” feels uncertain in comparison to the lightness and luminous glow from your “strong Yes” feedback.

Make Better Decisions By Knowing Your strong Yes and strong No Coaching Tool
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3 Steps to Kick Start Your Own Style of “strong Yes” or “strong No” Intuition:

  1. Be confident in identifying that your intuition (that gut feeling) is not a separate piece of information.
    Embody that your gut feeling draws on both objective and subjective information that is already available to you.
  2. Set the intention to really understand that your gut feeling is not quick, impulsive, and emotional, and anything that feels this way is either a “strong No” or “maybe”.
    Your “strong Yes” feedback is much more cultivated and nuanced and based on experience within your lifetime or a higher intelligence you are divinely connected to.
  3. Commit to continually cultivate your gut feeling by paying attention to patterns, examples, models, and prototypes in other relevant scenarios and diligently linking what you learn to future decisions.
    Use the tool of “Contrast” if you are experiencing confusing feedback. The “Contrast” tool is fantastic for reviewing and reliving a time in your life when you felt and decided via the “strong Yes” paradigm. After that, ask yourself, does this confusing feedback carry the same vibration as the “strong Yes” within your mind, heart, body, and soul?

For beginners new to using your intuition, this practice of discerning a “strong Yes” or “strong No” is a fantastic foundational starting point to build on. Those of you who may have already been tapping into your intuition for years, this is a great tool you can use to get confirmation on the messages you are receiving.

My vision as a coach is to work with my clients at the level of conscious competence as they move towards unconscious competence.

If you are ready to get unstuck or take your life to the next level with one-on-one coaching, I would love to hear from you. For more information on my online private session, click here to check it out now!

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